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Asia 5 University Joint Design Workshop 2012

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Asia 5 University Joint Design Workshop 2012

1) Introduction

The Asia 5 University Joint Design Workshop 2012 was an event where undergraduate and graduate students in design related field gathered for five days

and worked on team projects. Five Asian countries participated in the workshop and one student of each country made a team and worked together.

Chiba University of Japan hosted the 2012 Workshop and Yonsei University of Korea, Cheng Kung University of Taiwan, Zheijiang University of China,

and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore participated. The 5-Day Workshop event was held in the Design Center at Chiba University




2) Event Details

This workshop was held for 5 days from July 9th to 13th, 2012. The workshop project title of this year was ‘To Create a New Beauty Care Product for Panasonic’,

and the goal of the final project was to create a new product for each country based on the local practice.

The team consisted one of each student from five different countries and worked collaborately on the project, but each member

had to design a product that suits their own country.



3) Program Details

The official time period allocated for team projects were from 9 AM to 6 PM each day. However, since it was a 5-day short-term workshop,

most teams continued to work on projects after hours. The workshop program mainly involved team works, lectures of Panasonic personnel

and professors of each participating university, and presentations of teams and students.

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