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1. Introduction Yonsei-Aalto Webinar was conducted Thursday, May 7th 2015 at 8:00- 11:15pm. Because of this unique seminar format, participants could join the Webinar from all international locations. 2. Software Adobe Connect was utilized for the Webinar. Adobe Connect is a web seminar platform by sharing the screen of the host when conducting web meetings. A variety of content, tools, streaming audio/video services, software simulations, and online conferences can be held using this software.  

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    Asia Summer Joint Design Workshop 2014 1. Introduction Through the support of the Eco Culture Design Agency, Yonsei University Division of Design and Art students were able to participate in the\ ‘Summer Joint Design Workshop 2014’ at Chiba University, Japan. The schools that participated are as follows: Yonsei University (Korea), Seoul National University (Korea), Tsinghua University (China), National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), and Chiba University (Japan). Six students from various majors such as

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Special Seminar –  Aalto University Marja Seliger ‘What is a thesis in the fields of ART, DESIGN?’ Title: Design Education in Aalto ARTS Speaker: Prof. Marja Seliger / Aalto University Time/Date: 2015 4 16 9:00 Location: Cheong-song Hall, Room 477 <Summary> Professor Marja ‪Seliger‬ from Aalto University visited Yonsei University. She explained the education process in Finland and described the design program and graduate thesis processes at Aalto University. University education in Finland follows the

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Dialogue with Alumni Each year, the Visual Communication Design Department holds a seminar for alumni to visit campus and share personal experiences and advice to students. On April 8th, 2015, Ji-hye Kweon was invited to speak at this year’s seminar Ji-hye is a 2012 graduate of the Visual Communication Design program and is a part of the Samsung UX Design Team. She shared past career experiences after graduation and her preparation, application and interview process

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  Workshop: Asia 5 Global Workshop In Japan 2013 1) Introduction Asia 5 Global Workshop In Japan 2013 was held at the Chiba University in Japan. This design conference consisted of workshops with the participation of 5 countries.   2) content and schedule The workshop lasted for 6 days starting August 19, 2013. The theme of the workshop project was to design the next generation battery development ‘SCiB’ with Toshiba. SCiB technology’s unique characteristics consist of

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    10th Visual Communication Design Graduation Exhibition 2014   1) Overview The theme of the exhibition derives from the Gestalt principle, ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’. As we observe people within a situation, our minds connect the people with the environment and develop relationships within the circumstances. New perceptual, psychological energy is formed through the interaction and reasoning. Everything we see is a result generated by complex actions. Our

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  1) Introduction Webinar is a ‘Web-based (Skype) Seminar’ mainly utilized for establishing educational connections with universities in overseas countries. The objectives of the webinar were to open up an opportunity to mutually exchange and communicate between Yonsei and overseas universities and present student projects and research works in order to share the academic interest. The videoconference method using Skype made the webinar less rigid and more flexible than a formal face-to-face meeting. Industrial Department

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Asia 5 University Joint Design Workshop 2012 1) Introduction The Asia 5 University Joint Design Workshop 2012 was an event where undergraduate and graduate students in design related field gathered for five days and worked on team projects. Five Asian countries participated in the workshop and one student of each country made a team and worked together. Chiba University of Japan hosted the 2012 Workshop and Yonsei University of Korea, Cheng Kung University of Taiwan,

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10th Annual Industrial Design Degree Show 2014 1) Introduction The 10th Industrial Design Degree Show of Yonsei University, Wonju Campus was held successfully. The slogan of this show was “Count Up”, which means to take an upturn in the future of Industrial Design Track. There were noticeable design projects that applied the actual product development process through industrial-educational cooperation with 14 corporations including Keyang Electric Machinery Co., Siemens Ltd., and A.NATIVE. Students needed to meet

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