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Graduate Curriculum Introduction


  • Industrial Design Graduate Studies
  • Visual Communication Design Graduate Studies
  • Design Management Graduate Studies

Course List of Industrial Design Graduate Studies
M.S. in Industrial Design
Ph.D in Design

Course Number Course Title
PID5101 Business Cooperative Design Project
Students will learn the design methods that meet the strategical needs of corporates by running actual projects. This course introduces various technicques that is involved in progressing and managing design strategies and projects.
PID5201 System Design Engineering
This course studies in-depth about the system engineering methodology of design that enables sustainable improvement with social and cultural harmony in a society where technology has rapidly developed. This course looks into the social, cultural, technological, and ecological relationship that design creates based on system theory. This course also investigates the practical methods for creating a new design system that is organically opened and sustainably developable in a rapidly changing technology society.
PID5301 Integrated Seminar on Critical Issues and Theory of Design
In this course, students will understand about diverse theories and important issues that form the contemporary design discipline. Accordingly, students will establish the holistic design knowledge structure and gain perspectives for leading critical design research trends that build the foundation of the present and future of design research.
PID5302 Research Methodology
This course provides the systematic understanding on various design methodologies that forms the background of design research. Through the application of the learnt design methodologies on design research process and result analysis, Students will aquire the basic knowledge for conducting their Master and Doctoral research.
PID5401 Advanced Research on Interaction Design
This course systematically examines the latest theories on cognitive model, design guideline, and research methodology that are related to interaction and interface design. In this course, students will develop the theoretical structure that supports user centered design by studying the interface and interaction, which links and connects the reciprocal action between human and product.
PID5402 Expert’s Seminar on Design Related Area and Issues
PID6001 Societal Design Project
Students will develop their worldview on the social value of design and verify the validity of their worldview through actual projects in this course. Students will examine all sorts of social problems, especially focusing on the social participation of industrial design and helping disadvantaged in order to discover the new design research development that contribute to the sustainable social development.
PID8007 Service Design
The goal of this course is to understand the current status of domestic/international service design and possess the operational ability of service design methods. Students will enhance the capability to critically explain the value, method, and future of service design.
PID5202 Design System Methodology
This course intensively studies the methods to resolve extremely complicated and difficult design problems based on system theory. Students will learn the methods for user perception and symbol analysis, user study, design problem structure understanding, and qualitative and quantitative design analysis. For effective application of these design methods, students will master the computer utilization technique as an analytical tool by learning diverse techniques through actual case studies.
PID5403 Advanced Research on Computer Based Design Engineering
This is a computer based design engineering development course that practices the intergrated design development process including 3D measurement, 3D rendering, solid modeling, 3D simulation, moving pictures production, and computer based optimal design by utilizing computer and peripheral equipment.
PID6003 Material Culture Study on Design
Throughout the history of mankind till now, specific technologies have been applied on all artifacts including products and media. The goal of this course is to understand the core principles and development process of important technology and its reciprocal relationship with society. Students will research, discuss, and evaluate the properties of material culture and civilization in order to study the epistemological area of design as a part of material culture.
PID6004 Seminar on Design Policy and Strategy
This course covers the core theories related to design policy and strategy looks into the latest trends of theories and cases. Students will broaden their knowledge by researching and discussing the latest issues in contemporary design field such as new design methods and strategic value of design.
PID5501 Individual Study I
PID5502 Individual Study II
PID5503 Individual Study III
PID6101 Independent Research I
With academic advisor’s approval for thesis research proposal, students will conduct independent research and write their Master’s thesis. Research contents should involve industrial design field and largely contribute to the formation of industrial design knowledge system. The thesis should describe the design output developed in the process of the research project and contents should relate closely to the new theories.
PID6102 Independent Research II

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Course List of Visual Communication Design Graduate Studies
M.S. in Visual Communication Design
Ph.D in Design

Course Number Course Title
VID5001 Editorial Design
Students will research and practice the page layout, editing, typesetting, primary color separation, printing process by utilizing computer. Students will also study the digital printing environment, such as web design, and find technical solutions by analyzing the advantage/disadvantage and comparing the differences of digital processing.
VID5002 Advertising Design 1
Advertising design is a crtical factor in a social and cultural aspect of enterprise activity. This course researches and analyzes advertising design in a marketing aspect and studies the several stages advertising takes in facilitating communication through visual design.
VID6001 Visual Design Studio 1
This course examines the current culture of visual design by focusing on ‘the relationship of type, typography, and media’, and explores the graphic design methods that visualize concepts, experiences, and stories. Students will undertake projects and study about visual research methods that shape creative visual messages and effective identities, and utilize data information or experiential stories for visualization.
VID6002 Visual Design Seminar 1
The methodology of visual design research and project is studied through noticeable existing research papers, literatures, project cases related to visual design. Also, students will explore the issues that arise in a changing communication environment, develop visual design research subjects, and find creative solutions to design problems.
VID6003 Design & Culture
This course will take social, industrial, and economic aspects in assessing visual design, which has contributed to the rapid development of the 20th century and the industrialization process of the 19th century after the Industrial Revolution. Students will research the connection and causal relationship of the social, industrial, and economic aspects and visual design. Students will also shed light on the present and future rule of visual design, and establish the design culture perspective as visual designers.
VID6004 Media Contents Design 1
This course covers the theories and design applications of the contents of new media that lead the knowledge based industry in the 21st century. This course aims to create new design format by combining the traditional design elements with the new media that base on computers, computer graphics, and digital media technology.
VID6006 Communication Technology 1
This course investigates the technology area related to visual communication. Students will practically study the production methods, techniques for communication and information transmission, and design production skills for media trend, digital media, and video.
VID7001 Visual Design Studio 2
Students will possess the capability to carry out various visual design projects by taking systematic and conceptual approach. Students will review visual design analysis methods and process of design, and systemize the problems that occur in communication. Projects should encompass all properties and concepts of visual design, and present unique and creative methods that solve visual design problems.
VID7002 Visual Design Seminar 2
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Course List of Design Management Graduate Studies
M.S. in Design Management
This is an interdisciplinary graduate program that runs on the collaboration of three departments: Management, Industrial Design, and Visual Communication Design.

Course Number Course Title
DBA5102 Individual Study 2
Students will participate in their academi advisors’ individual projects and study the related area, write thesis, and present in conferences.
DBA5103 Individual Study 3
Students will participate in their academi advisors’ individual projects and study the related area, write thesis, and present in conferences.
DBA6002 Design Management
This course covers the theory and practice of design management. Based on the understanding on the essense of design and management, this course especially focuses on the problem solving and opinion decision methods necessary in managing design group components, such as human and material resources and design process.
DBA6003 Design Management Case Study
This course introduces case studies of design-centered corporations and design firms, in which design took the principal role in management. Students will understand the design management field and confirm the core issues and methods of design management by searching the reported cases and diverse literature references. Then, students will practice to build a design management case by visiting the design management sites in person, collecting data, and conducting expert interview.
DBA6004 Seminar on Design Policy and Strategy
Students will acquire fundamental knowledge in strategy and policy. By inspecting the cases of strategy and policy from a critical viewpoint, students will be able to organize new strategy and make or propose new policies.
DBA6005 Design Management Seminar
The objectives of this course are to have deeper understanding of design management issues by understanding the issues based on literatures and site experiences and seeking for solutions.
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