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Seminar : 2015 Yonsei-NCSU Webinar

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1) Introduction

Webinar is a ‘Web-based (Skype) Seminar’ mainly utilized for establishing educational connections with universities in overseas countries.

The objectives of the webinar were to open up an opportunity to mutually exchange and communicate between Yonsei and overseas universities

and present student projects and research works in order to share the academic interest.

The videoconference method using Skype made the webinar less rigid and more flexible than a formal face-to-face meeting.

Industrial Department Track in the Division of Design and Art at Yonsei University hosted the first Webinar with North Carolina State Univesity (USA) in February 2015.


2) Event & Program Details

The Webinar schedule is determined based on each participating university’s academic schedule and the time difference between the two countries.

The first webinar was held at 10 PM (KST), February 23rd 2015 for two hours in a mid-conference room located on the second floor of university headquarters building

at Wonju Campus of Yonsei University. The details of the event schedule and the program are as follows.

Three categories were established for the webinar presentations

studio project, practice based research project, and research project.

Each presenter was asked to select a category for his/her presenting project, and three Yonsei presenters selected and presented projects from three different catogories.

Yongsun Kim, an undergraduate student in Industrial Design Track, presented his studio project titled ‘Keyang Jigsaw Tool JSV85 Redesign Project’,

and described how he focused more on users’ perspective than the producers’ or manufacturers’ when redesigning the jigsaw tool.

Another undergraduate student, Sungwoo Ahn, presented his project titled ‘Inhaler for Ongoing Management and Maintenance of the Treatment Condition of Asthma’

under the practice based studio project category.

Sungwoo showed his case study that improved the design of an inhaler to help patients to treat, manage, and maintain asthma.

Minju Kim, a current Master student in Design Management program, presented a research project titled ‘A Study on the Relation between Service Design and Hospital

Innovation Center’ and introduced the domestic and international trend of hospitals and examples of hospital innovation.

NCSU students presented various projects including a truck interior environment design that considered the truck drivers’ lifestyle, an age experience suit

that you can experience the physical attributes of the elderly, and a research on the expression of the electricity consumption in U.S. residential environment.


3) Achievements

This webinar was a new form of educational seminar that Yonsei Division of Design tried for the first time in order to exchange with design

departments at overseas universities and encourage the participating universities to meet and share each other’s academic and research interest through web.

Due to the geographic limit, it is not easy to communicate with universities around the world.

However, we confirmed that webinars that can effectively work as ‘a means of communication’ that overcomes the geographic limit and enables many global

univerisities to exchange and share knowledge and thoughts.

Diverse types of projects were introduced in this webinar but we also found common and similar interest areas that Yonsei and NSCU shared. For example

NCSU’s truck interior design for long distance truck drivers was especially interesting because a similar project was conducted at Yonsei last year.

Yonsei’s project showed the strength of the Industrial Design Track by presenting a machine tool, and two healthcare related projects.

The human factors experiment and electronic saving device projects of NCSU were also very interesting.

Based on the successful completion of the first webinar, which was rather challenging to push forward, it is expected that Yonsei Division of Design and Art

will globally expand its field of learning experiences and sharing knowledge and information if the Division consistently holds webinars and forms global

connections with many design schools across the world.

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