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Special Seminar – Aalto University Marja Seliger

By ydyonsei 9 months ago


Special Seminar –  Aalto University Marja Seliger

‘What is a thesis in the fields of ART, DESIGN?’

Title: Design Education in Aalto ARTS

Speaker: Prof. Marja Seliger / Aalto University

Time/Date: 2015 4 16 9:00

Location: Cheong-song Hall, Room 477


Professor Marja ‪Seliger‬ from Aalto University visited Yonsei University.

She explained the education process in Finland and described the design program and graduate thesis processes at Aalto University.

University education in Finland follows the EU education pattern of 3 + 2 + 4.

Professor Seliger expressed that students in the Master’s program apply acquired research knowledge and skills to 1 of 3 thesis topics;

Artistic research, Theoretical research and Production-based research.

The Artistic research process consists of an art-philosophic focus and reflection from a subjective position.

Artistic research is conducted through discovery, sociological connections and artistic production.

Completion of artwork/design and a written component at the end of the thesis process are required. Instead of objective explanation,

the goal is to understand the world in the interpretive or participatory sense.

Stating a problem and design thinking from a constructivist position forms the Product-based research.

Through this problem-solving approach, students conduct exploration, reflection and implementation research.

This field is based on the interest of product and service design. Documented production and a written component are required.

The goal is the articulation of how art and design expertise are developed.

From an objective position, theoretical research stems from a research question and hypothesis.

Students research methodological approaches and generate a theory. A written thesis is required for graduation candidacy.

The goal is to understand the natural world, society and consumer with an objective explanation. Written thesis is required, but the length varies upon which research topic is chosen.


<Seminar content summary>

  • Apply unique design and present it in the best way
  • The research is based on previous case studies


– Goals of the thesis are based on the person’s interests. The student chooses a topic of interest à previous case study research à contemplating reason for research à Theoretical research

  • Objective research
  • experiments based on research hypothesis
  • personal life, space, expression of who “I” am

Ex) anna kalso Artistic research : art research – starting from theoretical basis

– Internal thought, experience, fundamentally and philosophically solve the ART process

  • Describe the environment as a writer

Ex) Lauri Ahonon : Little Jaybird

Ex) Lauri Ahonon : Little Jaybird

  • The development of visual storytelling through comic book

Ex) Emmi Jormalainen : KOTIC(Homes)

Ex) Nelli Palomaki : Unconforotable Portrait 16 sketches to describe a house

Ex) Varpu Eronen : Meidan Salama (story of being struck by lightning) Expression of painful experiences through writing and photography. An exhibition was held with the presentation of pictures from a personal viewpoint. Product –based research.

  • Process Development

Ex) Emi Kantanen Ex) Sarun Dinyaral